Executive Briefing: Collaboration

Generation Y heralded a new area of communication in companies. They demand collaborative tools to communicate with colleagues or get in contact with companies. CIOs have to take up this trend, if they want to raise their profile as an enabler of the core business. Our Thought Leadership Paper shows how this can be done.

Cloud / Big Data
big data

Better Decisions Through Big Data

To enable the correct business decisions to be made quickly, large quantities of structured and unstructured data now have to be analyzed. Analytics using big data technologies helps us to find the right answers. Read this white paper to find out more.



The new proximity to the customer

What happens when disruptive technologies like cloud computing, big data, mobile and social media join forces?

They have the power to forever change a company’s relationships with its customers, employees and data. Together, these technologies make Zero Distance possible – a world in which companies not only can respond to customers on their time and their terms; but also may be proactive in anticipating needs, thereby creating new opportunities. And CIOs hold the keys to success.